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The Unspoken Rule

Having embarked on the journey down the aisle, I've gained a unique perspective on marriage, discovering an unspoken rule that seems to dictate a secret society. This society insists on concealing marital struggles, as if admitting imperfection is deemed taboo. The truth is, no one is consistently blissfully happy in their marriage – and that's entirely normal.

Rather than providing three tips for a successful marriage, I'm here to challenge the established norm. Let's initiate uncomfortable conversations about marriage, breaking the silence and acknowledging that discontent is a natural part of the journey. By openly confronting these realities, we may foster a society where those entering matrimony are better prepared, potentially leading to a decline in divorce rates. Have you ever felt compelled to hide the challenges in your marriage? Let's engage in a dialogue that goes beyond the often associated picture-perfect facade of married life.

Marriage encompasses numerous aspects, and many of us enter this significant commitment without a clear understanding of what it takes to make it last. Through my journey, I've learned a great deal about myself, realizing that my commitment is not as unwavering as I initially thought, as my instinct is to run to save myself and my children. The way someone loves you can significantly impact your worldview. I aspire to be free to love and be myself in my relationships. If things aren't going well, I want the freedom to express that without judgment or redirection.

Let's release each other from THIS unspoken rule. Be intentional. Be YOU. Be FREE. I love you!


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